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Chocolate Caliente


Island of Angels

Rose of the Presidio

We Ride the Waves

Missing You

By Order of His Excellency

Who Is This Man?

Come to God


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Slideshow with Music of the Viva Concha Premiere on 5/5/2006

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Sound Samples

Music from Viva Concha! Rose of the Presidio

Notes from the Composer/Lyricist, Candace Forest 

The music for Viva Concha! began to come to me after six months of researching the history of the story. These excerpts are from recording sessions that were made several years ago at The Chapel in the Presidio just steps away from the Arguello family home. Our engineer was my dear friend and colleague, Colin Farish of Stillwater Sound.  These recordings were for demonstration purposes, not for commercial release. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the very talented singers who performed on these demo sessions.  Their contribution to the development of the project was very significant and helped bring us to this world premiere on May 5,6, and 7. Plans are in place to do a new recording in 2009, which will be put into commercial release.

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Play Rose of the Presidio Track 1 – ROSE OF THE PRESIDIO

Here performed by baritone, Frederick Matthews as Brother Diego, a role that was created for him.

rose button Track 2 – CHOCOLATE CALIENTE

This recording features Diane Squires as Concha. The Russians surely must have thought they had "died and gone to heaven" when the Arguello's welcomed them to the Commandancia with chocolate caliente! I didn't make this up; it's a historical fact.

rose button Track 3 – WHO IS THIS MAN / THE VIRGIN'S ANSWER

This was the first piece of music written for the show back in 1996. The voices featured here are baritone John Kendall Bailey as Rezanov and Michelle Diaz as Concha with Kristen Sharpley as the Virgin Mary. Michelle Diaz began working with me in my Singing Rainbow at the tender age of 7. She is the role model and my inspiration for Concha. Although she still sings, Michelle did not pursue a professional career in music. Happily, her lovely voice is captured here in these recordings. She is and always will be my first beloved Concha. 


It was my brother Benjamin who came up with this method of cooking up His Excellency! Sung here by fabulous bass baritone, Mel McMurrin who was the role model for Santiago de Aguilar.

rose button Track 5 – BY ORDER OF HIS EXCELLENCY

My affectionate homage to Gilbert & Sullivan, sung here by John Kendall Bailey in the role of Rezanov's second in command, Lt. Davydov.

rose button Track 6 – I CAN'T WAIT TO BEGIN

Sung here by John Kendall Bailey. Rezanov took Concha and the entire community on a picnic to Angel Island on his ship, The Juno. I imagined that the two of them stole a quiet moment looking at the view of their future in this lovely duet.

rose button Track 7 – MISSING YOU

Performed here by Michelle Diaz and John Kendall Bailey. If one song emerges from the score to a larger life outside, I think it will be this one. Like Rezanov, I left my home early on to follow my path and have always lived far from my loved ones. I don't know how many years ago it was that my sweet mother, Isabel, closed one of her letters to me with the words "I miss you, but missing you has become a way of life." This tender duet between Concha and Nikolai poignantly captures a feeling I think everyone can relate to. If you haven't missed anyone in your life then you haven't been truly living.

rose button Track 8 – SWEET FAVORITA

Featuring Mel McMurrin. I wrote this piece in 1998 and in my mind's eye, everyone was either singing into a window or out of a window so I nicknamed the song "Windows '98".  We didn't have the budget for windows in our premiere but our brilliant director, Victoria Holder made me forget all about that with her witty and wonderful staging of this piece.

rose button Track 9 – SWEET CONCEPCIÓN

I had been listening for the voice of Santiago de Aguilar for quite some time when Mel McMurrin appeared one night for a rehearsal. He had been brought in by Frederick Matthews to sing in the chorus on Rose of the Presidio. After hearing Mel's amazing voice, Sweet Concepción came fully formed into my head the very next day.